A warm note to start 2018 off on

Happy 2018, everyone! 

Real estate is not about sales. It's about people and families. We take our responsibility of helping the families we work with seriously, and always hope it shows. Agent Steve Davis on our team received this testimonial this morning, and it really captures what we strive for with every client we work with. What a wonderful, warm tone to set this new year off on! 

Steve is truly an amazing, do whatever it takes partner in helping you accomplish your property and real estate needs. He helped my family establish a new home in Chicago 1 year ago, and he will help your family as well.

My family (wife, and newborn baby) were relocated to Chicago for a new job assignment, and previously had no experience with the city. We were on a short timeline and needed to find a place to live quickly. Both my wife and I knew what we wanted, but had many questions on how to get it done. This is where Steve over-delivered on all of our expectations, and was a true partner in helping us accomplish our goals.

Steve is incredibly knowledgeable about the city of Chicago, and the surrounding area. He helped us understand where my wife and I could find parks, restaurants, activities for our child, and much more. He showed us many properties that fit our requirements and helped us understand buying a home in Chicago. Every question we asked, Steve had a perspective or knew an expert he was willing to connect us to.

Having a realtor that truly knows the area was very important to me, and Steve really knows Chicago.

Steve helped us navigate the complexities of moving to a new city and find a place that we loved effortlessly, but that was just the beginning.
Once my wife and I found a place we loved, Steve’s help took on a new form. He helped us build a negotiation strategy to maximize our offer potential while ensuring we did not overpay for the property.

Had that been everything Steve did for us, I would have been extremely happy with his service, and very thankful he helped us find and purchase a home we still very much love a year later.

But there is more: Steve taught me that the most important quality in a realtor is how they handle the unexpected, and this is where Steve’s service is truly exemplary.

If you are a client of Steve’s, his service doesn’t stop once the deal is done, the papers are signed, and the check is cashed. He will be there to help you if you need anything, for example: After my family and I finished the closing process and received the keys to our house, we were faced with a potentially catastrophic situation for anyone with a newborn baby in an unfamiliar city — the heat in our new home went out on one of the coldest winter days in Chicago.

Not knowing who to turn to, we called Steve. We learned that the previous owners decided to “shut off” the gas vs. transfer the gas to the new owners. Steve helped us navigate very complex gas company policy regarding turning our gas back on, and shortened what was initially a 1 week wait, to a few hours. This was no small task, and Steve’s support was critical to getting our heat back on. Steve was there for us during the unexpected, and he will be there for you too.

Steve sincerity helped make Chicago feel like home to my family, and we have been very thankful for his service and friendship this last year. If you need a realtor, look no further as I know Steve will give you the same support he gave me and my family.

Thank you, Steve!
— Andy F.